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About Our Flowers

Buy Local - Support Local


Little Island Flowers is excited to be involved in the movement. We want you to know where your flowers come from, whether you're a florist selling them retail or a consumer buying a bouquet for your kitchen table. Our flowers are cut fresh so you can be assured they will have a long vase life. We also grow without chemicals which means your flowers are safe to smell.

As of October 1st, 2022 we are no longer providing floral design services.


We provided a significant amount of retail floral design services in 2022 to recipients in our local community. We provided fresh florals for local weddings, funerals, holidays and other occasions. We appreciate the support we received for doing this. Unfortunately, this service took away  time and energy needed to maintain what has been our primary core business for eight years -- growing and selling specialty cut flowers wholesale to the floral trade.  So for our 2023 growing season, we're getting back to our roots and focusing on that core business. We'll still sell DIY bulk buckets of flowers and Fresh CSF Bouquet Subscriptions, but that will be the extent of our retail flower sales.  If you utilized our floral design services in 2022, we thank you so much and hope you understand this business change.

DIY Event Flowers


Little Island Flowers can supply buckets of flowers and foliage for brides and event planners who want to DIY their own event floral design. Our minimum DIY purchase is $250. Contact us today to secure your DIY flowers at bulk pricing.

2023 Flower Bouquet Subscriptions


Want to give yourself or someone you love a locally grown farm fresh bouquet?  We're offering Flower Bouquet Subscriptions (also known as Community Supported Floriculture or CSF) to make that easy for you! 

Beautiful Blooms

Growing sustainably for the freshest local flowers possible...
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