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A fresh, local flower bouquet subscription from Little Island Flowers - the gift that keeps on giving!

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2022  Flower Bouquet Subscriptions

Would you like to give yourself or someone you love bouquets of farm fresh, locally grown, seasonal flowers?  Our Flower Bouquet Subscriptions (also known as Consumer Supported Floriculture or CSF) make it easy for you to do that!

Subscriptions are available now for our 2022 growing season.  Here's how it works...

Our Flower Subscription (CSF) allows you to purchase a "share" of the flowers we grow on our farm during the 2022 season. You reserve and pay for your share in advance of the growing season. This helps our farm plan next season's crops and provides us with cash flow to invest in seeds, plants, bulbs, soil amendments and other supplies. When our flower bounty is ready for harvest, we notify you when and where to pick up your bouquet.  We provide delivery or pickup points in Pacific, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties in Washington State and to Clatsop County in Oregon. 


Bouquets come wrapped full of the freshest flowers the season has to offer and are ready for your vase. 
Vases are not included. 

We strive to grow unique and unusual varieties of flowers that are often not available in retail stores. We love to incorporate blooms and foliage that bring nostalgia and fragrance to a bouquet. If you've got a favorite flower that you'd like to see in your bouquet, please let us know! We use sustainable growing practices and do not apply chemical sprays so it's safe to put our bouquets on your kitchen table or put your face in them to smell their sweet, fresh fragrance. 


Please note that our bouquet subscriptions include grower's choice of blooms and foliage. While we can't guarantee specific flowers if you request them, we can guarantee that your bouquet will be absolutely fresh cut and with proper care should last a week, sometimes two weeks.  Also note that in purchasing a flower bouquet "share" you also "share" in the risks of flower farming including crop failure, weather delays or natural disasters. While we don't expect these things to happen, if they do, we will strive to meet our subscription commitments through sourcing with other local flower growers and sources.  

We offer several different subscription choices that are described below.  Purchase online with a credit card by clicking on the "More Information" link for the option you choose.  You can also mail a check (made out to Little Island Farm) to us along with your name, address, email and phone number and which subscription choice you are paying for to:

Little Island Farm

316 E. Little Island Rd.

Cathlamet, WA 98612

Upon receipt of your payment, you'll receive an email confirmation and further information about your subscription.

2022 Subscriptions are open throughout the grow season.  If the timing of your subscription wants/needs doesn't fit the options below, please contact us and we'd be happy to tailor one just for you!


Spring Bouquet Subscription

1 Bouquet every 2 weeks (6 total) in April, May and June

$180 + tax/delivery

More Information 

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Full Season (1/month) Subscription

1 bouquet/month (7 total) in April, May, June, July, August, September & October

$203 + tax/delivery

More Information


Six (6) Pack of Bouquets

6 Bouquets on dates of your choice during our grow season of April-October

$192 + tax/delivery


More Information


Summer Bouquet Subscription

1 Bouquet every 2 weeks (6 total) in July, August and September

$180 + tax/delivery

More Information


Full Season (2/month) Subscription


1 bouquet every two weeks (14 total) in April, May, June, July, August, September & October

$392 + tax/delivery

More Information

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E-Gift Card

Easily send the gift of seasonal, local flowers outside of our season (April thru Oct)! Purchase an E-gift card in any amount you choose for yourself or to send to a friend. Our gift cards never expire!

More Information