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2018 Flower Bouquet Subscriptions (CSA) Now Open

Give a gift of local seasonal flower bouquets to yourself or someone you love. Little Island Flowers is pleased to offer Flower Bouquet Subscriptions (CSA) for the 2018 growing season. Reserve yours now!

We've got three subscription options (vase not included) for you to consider:

1. Spring Bouquets - 2 bouquets a month for April, May and June. A total of 6 bouquets for $132 (WA Sales Tax included).

2. Summer Bouquets - 2 bouquets a month for July, August and September. A total of 6 bouquets for $132 (WA Sales Tax included).

3. Full Season of Bouquets - 1 bouquet a month for April, May, June, July, August, September and October. A total of 7 bouquets for $154 (WA Sales Tax included).

Your subscription bouquets will be made with fresh cut, seasonal blooms and foliage grown on our farm and paper wrapped, ready for your vase. You can pick up your bouquets on farm or make other arrangements with us.

We strive to grow unique and unusual varieties of flowers that are often not available in retail stores. We love to incorporate blooms and foliage that bring nostalgia and fragrance to a bouquet. If you've got a favorite flower that you'd like to see in your bouquet, please let us know! We use sustainable growing practices and do not apply chemical sprays so it's safe to put our bouquets on your kitchen table or put your face in them to smell their fresh fragrance.

Lots more information and easy, secure online ordering is available on our website at

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